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KMB and LWB Temporary Traffic Arrangements during Typhoon (21 October, 5:50 p.m.)

KMB and LWB announced that all day routes will provide limited services except below affected special routes: 58P,59A,69C,260C,268B,269P,960A,960B,968X,43P,46P,49P,82B,82P,83A,83S,83X,86P,86S,87S,272S,249X,286C,274P,288A,74B,270B,273S,T277,373,277P, 182X,307P,678,680X,681P, 5D, 5R, 5S, 13S, 14D, 107P, 101X, 603P, 621, 224X, 15X, 601P, 91P, 98P, 98S, 98A (牛頭角特別班), 91M (科大北特別班), 298E (百勝角特別班), 5P, 5X, 619X, 3P, 106P,13X(來回經啟業麗晶及曲街)102P, 118P,171R,5A,6P,40P,41P,43C,102P,934, 935, 936