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Prizes valued at over $150,000 to be won in KMB and LWB Lucky Draw

 To celebrate the launch of App 1933, the latest smartphone app of KMB and Long Win Bus (LWB), KMB and LWB will organise a lucky draw from December 1 to December 31, offering more than 500 prizes with a total value of over $150,000. All passengers over the age of 18 who take KMB and LWB buses and pay with Octopus cards during the designated time periods can take part in the lucky draw. No advance registration is required.


All eligible passengers who ride on KMB and LWB routes (except Routes K12, K14, K17 and K18) with their Octopus cards at the designated times will receive one point, while passengers taking designated KMB cross-harbour routes and LWB Airbus “A” routes will receive two points. The designated times are Monday to Friday, 0000-0659, 0930-1659 and 1930-2359; and the whole day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.


The lucky draw has daily prizes and monthly prizes. There will be one winner each day for daily prizes; the prize, comprising an Ocean Park x Octopus Customised Shape Ornament and coupons, has a total value of $328. There will be 500 winners of the monthly prizes, each of whom will receive one of the 25 different types of monthly prize on offer, which include $12,000 in travelling vouchers, ginseng packages, electrical appliances, kitchen sets, tablet computers, movie vouchers, supermarket vouchers and Long Win Airbus tickets.


Daily Prizes: One lucky winner will be selected randomly every day during the promotion period. If you get one point on any day, you will receive one entry into the lucky draw on the corresponding day, if you get two points, you will receive two entries, and so on. The computer system will randomly select the winning Octopus card number.


Monthly Grand Prizes: If you amass a total of ten points in the promotion period, you will receive one entry into the lucky draw, if you amass 20 points, you will receive two entries, and so on. The computer system will randomly select 500 winning Octopus card numbers.


The list of daily prize winners will be announced on the KMB website within two weeks of the day of travel, and the list of monthly grand prize winners will be announced on the KMB website by 15 January 2017. All results will be published in Sing Tao Daily and The Standard on 23 January 2017. If there is any inconsistency between the website version and the print version, the website version will prevail. Winners will be required to collect their prize by 15 February 2017. The winners who win prizes 1-10 in the monthly draw need to call 3406 7448 or 3406 7454 during office hours by 15 February 2017 to enquire about the prize collection arrangements. The winners of the daily prizes and of prizes 11-25 in the monthly draw are required to collect their prize from the KMB Customer Service Centre at the Star Ferry Bus Terminus by 15 February 2017 with their Octopus cards. No delegation to a third party to collect the prizes is allowed, and the prizes will be treated as unclaimed if they are not collected by 15 February 2017. Please refer to the annex for more information.


Passengers can call the KMB Customer Service Hotline on 2745 4466 for more information. Please refer to the attached appendix for details.