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Arrangement for Same-day Return Fare Discount for Route A43 and A43P Airport Staff

As the “Same-day Second-trip Fare Discount Concession Scheme” on LWB “A” Routes is being continued between Saturday 1 April and Sunday 30 April 2017, the arrangements of the “Airport Staff Same-day Return Fare Concession Scheme” on Routes A43 and A43P are as follows for the same period.

Passenger Type

Same-day Return Fare Discount Arrangement

Airport Staff using Bus-Bus Interchange Scheme (“BBI”) between Routes E31/ E32/ E32A/ E33/ E33P/ E34A/ E34B/ E34P/ E41/ E42 and Route A43 or A43P for the return trip from North Lantau to Fanling

To enjoy the discount amount of not less than the existing “Airport Staff Same-day Return Fare Concession Scheme”, a valid Airport Staff Personalised Octopus Card should be presented when boarding on both the forward trip to Airport and the return trip to Fanling of Route A43 or A43P, and payment should be made with the same Octopus Card after the bus captain’s confirmation of the appropriate Octopus machine setting.

Other passengers of Route A43 or A43P

Passengers should pay by the same Octopus card for the forward and return trips of Route A43 or A43P. The discounted fare of Route A43 or A43P will be deducted automatically on the return trip according to the terms of “Same-day Second-Trip Discount Concession Scheme”.