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LWB Response to the Revision of Guidelines on Bus Captain Working Hours

LWB attaches great importance to the safe driving of bus captains, as well as to their health and welfare, and strictly follows the Guidelines on Bus Captain Working Hours, Rest Times and Meal Breaks (“the Guidelines”), issued by the Transport Department. In the past months, the Transport Department has been in contact with the franchised bus operators and other stakeholders, and LWB supports the revision of the Guidelines carried out by the Transport Department. LWB agrees to the revised Guidelines issued by the Transport Department and will abide by those Guidelines.

The Guidelines strike a balance between working hours, salaries and the operation of bus services, while maintaining the flexibility of bus route arrangements and the overall effectiveness of bus services. Within the one-year framework for implementing the revised Guidelines, the franchised bus operators will be able to make the necessary adjustments in a timely manner. We hope that the rest time of bus captains can be optimised under the new Guidelines, with beneficial effects upon the provision of quality bus services.