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KMB and LWB invite the DSE top scorer Thomas Wong to share his learning experience

The first HKDSE candidate to score 5** in nine subjects, Thomas Wong, and Gary Leung, a KMB Manager who scored nine distinctions at HKCEE, were invited by The Kowloon Motor Bus Company (1933) Limited (“KMB”) and Long Win Bus Company Limited (“LWB”) to share their learning experience with staff and their children.

Although Thomas and Gary studied under different examination systems, they shared the same message that "review your work every day, complete your daily assignments and arrange time to do things that you are interested in to achieve a balanced development in all aspects.” Thomas has always been interested in medical research and hopes to make a contribution to society. Gary had a dream of being a bus captain, so he gave up his career in the financial industry and joined KMB and has now been promoted to Manager, Business Development, in the Commercial and Facilities Management Department.

Thomas took a KMB Route 42 bus to school every day, saying that he likes to sit by the window and enjoy the scenery on the way. Asked if he would study or read on the bus, Thomas said that he would memorise notes and texts to make best use of his time.

Thomas‘s father, Andy Wong, Assistant Manager in KMB’s Information Technology Department, attended the sharing session. The father and son always chat about a wide range of topics so as to enlarge Thomas’ breadth of knowledge. Having worked for KMB for 27 years, Andy sometimes talks about procedures and different handling methods in his IT projects with Thomas, which helps develop his analytical skills.

William Louey, KMB Director, Winnie Ng, KMB Director, Roger Lee, KMB Managing Director, Godwin So, KMB General Manager - Corporate Planning and Business Development, and a number of colleagues and their children attended the sharing session. Thomas shared that, “My parents have cultivated in me the habit of reading. I have read a wide range of books, including English novels and Chinese poetry, to build a good language foundation."

KMB and LWB not only show care for employees, but also extend care for employees to their families. A scholarship programme for the children of employees with satisfactory academic performance has been set up to support their tertiary education. Up to now, 154 children of KMB and LWB staff members have received scholarships. Some of the scholarship recipients have gone on to work as interns for KMB and LWB.


The video of the sharing session is on:



(From left) Henry Leung, Head of Legal Department, Thomas Wong, Gary Wong, Manager, Business Development, Commercial and Facilities Management Department, attend the sharing session.


William Louey, KMB Director (second from right), Winnie Ng, KMB Director (second from left), Roger Lee, KMB Managing Director (first from left) , and Godwin So, KMB General Manager – Corporate Planning & Business Development (first from right), congratulate "DSE History Maker" Thomas Wong (third from left), seen with his father Andy Wong, Assistant Manager of KMB’s Information Technology Department (third from right).


Thomas searches for bus routes and obtains real-time bus arrival information on App1933.


Father and son always ride on buses.