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Service adjustment for the special departures of Long Win Route E42

To provide a more convenient bus service for the passengers in Tung Chung North, with effect from 18 February 2019 (Monday), Long Win Bus (“LWB”) will rename the special departures of Route E42 [Tung Chung (Yat Tung) Sha Tin (Pok Hong)] as Route E42P, reroute the service via Tung Chung North and omit Tung Chung Town Centre. Details are as follows:


Route E42P will operate from Tung Chung (Yat Tung) at 6:45 a.m. and 7:45 a.m. on Monday-Saturday (except public holidays), and will go via North Lantau Hospital, Seaview Crescent, Coastal Skyline, Caribbean Coast Phase 2, Caribbean Coast Phase 1 and Ying Hei Road to Tsing Yi, Tai Wai and Sha Tin Central before terminating at Sha Tin (Pok Hong). The estimated journey time from Ying Hei Road to Ching Wah Court, Tsing Yi, and Tai Wai Road are approximately 15 and 30 minutes respectively. (The actual journey time depends on the traffic conditions.)

Passengers at Tung Chung Town Centre can take Route E42 [Airport (Ground Transportation Centre) ←→ Sha Tin (Pok Hong)] to Tsing Yi and Sha Tin as an alternative.

The full fare of Route E42P is $13.9. In addition, passengers can use the Bus-bus Interchange Scheme between Route E42P and any other LWB “A” routes or “E” routes by interchanging at Lantau Link Toll Plaza when travelling from Tung Chung to the New Territories.

Passengers may call the Long Win Customer Service Hotline on 2261-2791 or live chat with us on the LWB website at or on App1933.


Please refer to the Appendix for more details.