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LWB arranged thorough cleaning and disinfection of buses

According to the Centre for Health Protection, there were passengers suffering from COVID-19 took LWB Route E33 buses. After being informed of the case, LWB immediately arranged for all Route E33 buses that might have carried the two passengers to return to the depot for thorough cleaning and disinfection, including seats, handrails, windows, floors and air-conditioner filters. Bus stops, terminus supervisor offices and staff rest rooms, including Goodview Garden, Yau Oi (South) and Tuen Mun Central, were also disinfected.

To strengthen disinfection measures and put passengers and staff members at ease, LWB has also begun medically disinfecting bus compartments using “Nano-Photocatalyst” spraying technology.

LWB requires frontline staff to wear masks when on duty, and its depot has a medical centre which provides staff with appropriate support. Staff members who develop respiratory symptoms or a fever are asked to seek medical advice and report their condition to the company at once.

LWB is closely monitoring the latest situation in respect of the COVID-19 outbreak and has taken a series of measures to strengthen the cleanliness of compartments and protect the health of passengers and staff members, including cleaning compartments with bleach and antiseptic solution, enhancing the cleaning of the air-conditioner filters, and installing hand sanitizer gel and disinfection carpets in compartments. LWB has also strengthened the compartment broadcasts reminding passengers to pay attention to personal hygiene, wear masks, cover their mouth and nose with tissue paper when sneezing or coughing and not dispose of soiled tissues in the compartment to reduce the risk of infection.


LWB arranged for staff to thoroughly clean and disinfect Route E33 bus compartments.

LWB performed disinfecting work at Tuen Mun Centre Terminus.

LWB thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the staff facilities at Tuen Mun Central Terminus.

LWB cleaned the facilities at Tuen Mun Yau Oi (South) Terminus.