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LWB Adjusts Airport and Tung Chung Bus Route Services (Updated On 21 August)

With the approval of the Transport Department, these are the latest arrangements for LWB routes serving the Airport and Tung Chung, to take effect from 24 August (Monday).

Service Adjustment


Service Suspension


Operating in Designated Periods Only

A33, A37, A38, A43P, A47X

Frequency Adjustment

A31, A32, A33X, A36, A41, A41P, A43,

E31, E32A, E33, E41, E42,

S64, S64C, S64X,

NA33, NA34, NA40

Please see the Appendix for more details.

LWB will closely monitor bus operations and ridership, and adjust operations with a flexible strategy to meet changes in passenger demand.

Passengers may call the Long Win Customer Service Hotline on 2261-2791 or Live Chat with us on the LWB website at or on App1933.