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“LeaveHomeSafe” QR Code at Approximately Two Hundred Bus Termini and Interchanges

Facing the fourth wave of the epidemic in the community, KMB and LWB care about the passengers’ health. In tandem with the promotion of the Government’s “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile app, the related QR code and posters will gradually be placed at approximately two hundred bus termini, interchanges and customer service centers, helping the public to record their whereabouts. KMB and LWB wish to remind passengers to pay attention to their personal hygiene and health to reduce the risk of the virus spreading in the community.

Adopting a series of anti-epidemic measures

KMB and LWB continue to take a series of prevention measures to protect the health of staff and passengers. There are five hundred double-deck bus window vents so passengers can open the window to maintain good ventilation in the compartments. To provide clean compartments for staff and passengers, we have enhanced the cleaning of the compartment and the air-conditioning system and provide hand sanitizer dispensers in bus compartments. In addition, the KMB mask offers improved protective ability, with ASTM Level 2 certification, coming in three different sizes, Adult, Junior and Kids, to cater for all the family. KMB and LWB will continue to closely monitor the development of the epidemic and implement corresponding measures to put passengers at ease.

For the details and usage of “LeaveHomeSafe”, please visit