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Transport International will sponsor 500 sets of gift voucher to show our appreciation to the public to get vaccinated

Transport International Holdings Limited (“TIH”) provides 500 sets of gift voucher for the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce’s lucky draws between July and September to express gratitude to the public who has received COVID-19 vaccines.

Each gift voucher set includes 20 bus tickets, of which each bus ticket is applicable to the KMB Cross-Harbour Tunnel Routes or any LWB routes, a one-way ticket of the Sun Bus Recreational Route, a cash coupon for KMB Online Store, and a 200-point voucher of “KMB X LWB FUN Redemption Scheme”. Each gift set valued at more than HK$1,000.

For details of the lucky draw and related terms and conditions, please refer to the information announced by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce.

Potential participants are advised to follow medical recommendations and advice before getting vaccinated.