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KMB Join Hands with Eight Groups of KOLs to Introduce Summer Hotspots and Publish the eBook “Recreational Routes Recommendation – Summer Festival”

KMB is pleased to present you the latest eBook, “Recreational Routes Recommendation – Summer Festival”, which introduces various trendy summer activities to the public. It is already our third volume of “Recreational Routes Recommendation” and we have invited eight groups of vibrant Key Opinion Leaders (“KOL”) and artists to introduce eight Hong Kong features. Whether you are a lover of the indoors or the great outdoors, enjoy city hustle or countryside serenity, you can still fully enjoy your summer holidays in the eight recommended features.

Since the first two eBooks are well received by the public, we publish Vol. 3, “Recreational Routes Recommendation – Summer Festival”. It covers eight features of the city, including “Landscape of A Century”, “A Taste of Chill Life”, “Oasis of the City”, “A Sip of Romance”, “Amazing Water Sports”, “Exotic Nature”, “Paradise Islands” and “Indoor Adventures”. They are suitable for lovers of indoor and outdoor activities and people looking for places to spend leisure time with families or friends. In the “Amazing Water Sports“, you may experience beautiful beaches and water activities in Sai Kung. We have recommended the Green Egg Island, the Maldives of Hong Kong, with crystal and clear water and exciting water activities such as snorkelling and kayaking. Passengers may enjoy the sunshine and beaches.

To cooperate with the release of “Recreational Routes Recommendation – Summer Festival”, KMB has also invited eight groups of KOLs and artists to participate in the video series production, including Master Seven, Vivek Mahbubani, SOKO, Selene Cheung, Janet Tse, Kiki Cheung, Siu Jim, Mandic etc. Each group will play different job roles to bring audiences to experience the eight features respectively. The series will start broadcasting on KMB YouTube Channel and their social media from late July. Stay tuned to us!

You are welcome to download the “Recreational Routes Recommendation – Summer Festival” from the KMB website or the link of App1933.

Passengers may also call the KMB Customer Service Hotline on 2745-4466 or LiveChat with us on APP1933 or the KMB website.