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Passengers with KMB Monthly Pass Are Welcome to Enjoy New Long-haul Bus Routes P960 and P968

The Kowloon Motor Bus Co. (1933) Ltd. (“KMB”) continues to give more surprises to passengers with KMB Monthly Pass. From 9 August (Monday) to 31 October (Sunday), passengers possessing a valid KMB Monthly Pass (“the Pass”) are eligible to enjoy Routes P960 [Siu Hong Station (North) Wan Chai (North)] and P968 [Long Ping Station/Yuen Long (West) Tin Hau], the new long-haul bus service, by paying a “Fare for Upgraded Journey”.

During the particular offering period, when passengers holding a valid KMB Monthly Pass ride on Route P960 or P968, they can experience the new long-haul bus service by paying a “Fare for Upgraded Journey,” i.e. $8.7 or $9.8 (Full fare per trip), and enjoying a 73% off discount.  

Rides for taking new long-haul bus service are not counted in the number of trips of the KMB Monthly Pass

To not affect the Pass holders taking other routes, the number of trips (10 trips per day) will not be deducted even if the Pass holder has taken a ride of the new long-haul bus service. To enjoy the upgraded services, passengers may take the following steps:

1.      Passengers pay the fare first by using an Octopus Card or an Octopus product loaded with a valid KMB Monthly Pass and had sufficient value when boarding Route P960 or P968.

2.      The fare difference will be returned to passengers through Octopus App or by tapping the Octopus Card at Octopus Service Point. Passengers can receive the fare concession after 10 working days and within 30 days.

The actual amount of fare concession depends on the boarding points. Please refer to the terms and conditions for more details.

Please click here for details.

More benefits are prepared for KMB Monthly Pass Holders

Apart from enjoying 10 trips per day for flexible journey planning with over 400 KMB routes, passengers holding the Pass are also entitled to personal belongings and accidental medical protection* during their KMB journey. In addition, they will be given free “Sky 100” tickets and other limited KMB souvenirs.

*BUS RYDE, the microinsurance for the personal belongings and accidental medical protection, is co-launched by YAS and Generali.