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KMB’s Olympics-themed bus is put into service today to continue the enthusiasm for the Olympics with the public

Hong Kong athletes attained one gold, two silver, and three bronze medals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, carving a milestone in the history of Hong Kong sport. The Kowloon Motor Bus Co. (1933) Ltd. (“KMB”) has rolled out two Olympic-themed buses and are deployed on 10 August (Today) to celebrate the outstanding performance and pay tribute to all athletes. They are put into service on Routes 66X [Tuen Mun (Tai Hing)] Olympic Station] and 270B [Sheung Shu Olympic Station] to share the joys with Hong Kong people and promote the spirit of the Olympic Games.

KMB designed the Olympic-themed bus, which uses white as the background colour of the bus body, with the silhouettes of athletes in the colours of the Olympic rings. They symbolise the Hong Kong Delegation participated in 13 Olympic events, including Aquatics, Athletics, Gymnastic, Karatedo, Table Tennis, Cycling, Sailing, Equestrian, Fencing, Rowing, Triathlon, Golf, and Badminton, as well as the wording “PROUD OF YOU,” to thank every Hong Kong athlete for shinning in the Olympic Games and making history for Hong Kong.

KMB has given out one-year free rides and “Bus Naming Rights” to all members of the Hong Kong Delegation at the Tokyo Olympic Games earlier. As a commendation for Hong Kong elite athletes’ can-do spirit and outstanding achievements at the Tokyo Olympics, every member can name one KMB bus, and a plate with messages will be displayed at the front of the bus compartment.

KMB has rolled out Olympic-themed buses which are put into service on Routes 66X and 270B to continue the enthusiasm for Olympics with the public.