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KMB x SmarTone take the lead to introduce 5G Bus Give passengers an ultra-fast 5G internet experience

The Kowloon Motor Bus Co. (1933) Ltd (“KMB”) announced that it would join hands with SmarTone to launch the first 5G Bus. By connecting to the SmarTone 5G network, passengers can enjoy ultra-fast 5G internet services in the bus compartment.  Starting today, KMB, as the first franchised bus company delivering SmarTone 5G services, launches free 5G Wi-Fi service in 20 buses, serving ten urban and rural routes. During the experience period, passengers can use 5G Wi-Fi services for free in 30-minute sessions, elevating their travelling experience with an ultra-fast, stable and smooth 5G network. Unlimited log-in sessions are available.

The SmarTone 5G network is approaching full Hong Kong coverage.  These 5G buses mainly serve the routes travelling in busy city corridors, such as Routes 1, 87D and 603, and allow passengers to experience a stable internet network, even if with high network traffic. What’s more, the SmarTone 5G network has also attained coverage on popular hiking trails and in country parks. To let passengers experience SmarTone’s ultra-fast 5G network in rural areas, KMB also deploys 5G buses on “R” Routes, serving outdoor hotspots during holidays. 5G service will be available on Routes P960 [Siu Hong Station (North) ⇌ Wan Chai (North)] and P968 [Yuen Long (West) ⇌ Tin Hau], the new long-haul bus services, later.

KMB has always kept a close eye on market development. The bus company introduced new technology into bus operation and enhancement of passengers’ travelling experience. As a leader of green transport in the industry, KMB continues to allocate resources to purchase electric buses and buses with solar panels. Joseph Leung, Financial Controller of KMB, said, “We are aware that passengers frequently use their electronic devices, such as mobile phones, when they are riding on buses. Through the cooperation with SmarTone, we hope that KMB can cater to passengers’ needs by providing them with stable and ultra-fast Wi-Fi services. KMB is also actively exploring the feasibility of 5G application on bus services.”

Josephine Lam, Head of Marketing & Sales of SmarTone, said, “SmarTone is pleased to join hands with KMB to present the first 5G Bus in Hong Kong, as well as showcase the latest KMB 5G applications at SmarTone 5G LAB.  Our cooperation can bring a better passenger experience to Hong Kong citizens and enhance the operational efficiency of KMB. SmarTone will continue to apply 5G technology in Smart Mobility, and spare no effort in promoting the smart city development of Hong Kong.”

5G stickers will be displayed at the front of each 5G Bus. By following a few simple steps, passengers can use 5G Wi-Fi service immediately after boarding. Through mobile phones, notebooks, game consoles or other devices, passengers can search and connect their devices to the “KMB x SmarTone 5G” network. After reading the terms and conditions and pressing the “Agree” and “Connect” buttons, passengers can promptly enjoy 5G Wi-Fi services for 30 minutes per session. Unlimited sessions are available. Passengers can also log in to the Wi-Fi again after 30 minutes. 

Major Routes for 5G Buses:


Chuk Yuen Estate ⇋ Star Ferry


Kam Ying Court ⇋ Hung Hom Station


Wu Kai Sha Station ⇋ Lam Tin Station


Sai Kung ⇋ Star Ferry


Diamond Hill Station ⇋ Wong Shek Pier


Tin Yiu ⇋ Tai Po Market Station


Hung Shui Kiu (Hung Fuk Estate) ⇋ Jordan (West Kowloon Station)


Wong Shek Pier ⇋ Shatin Central


Shatin Central ⇋ Sai Kung


Ping Tin ⇋ Central (Central Ferry Piers)

KMB Smart Transportation Exhibition Area in SmarTone “5G LAB”

The application of 5G will change our daily life and break down the boundaries for businesses and industries. KMB set up the KMB Smart Transportation Exhibition in the SmarTone 5G LAB at sky100. Through 5G high-speed data transmission, coupled with Video Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Big Data Analysis, the exhibition illustrates the application of 5G on KMB’s operations to enhance bus services and driving safety in the future. It includes:

  • Passenger capacity of the bus compartment

Passengers can learn the occupancy status of the next bus accurately and immediately from App1933, making journey planning more convenient. The technology will also improve operational management;

  • Number of passengers waiting at bus stops

The bus company can obtain real-time queuing condition at bus stops, which helps make suitable operations deployment and enhance efficiency;

  • Placement of sensor in bus termini

Real-time traffic monitoring and road condition analysis will be conducted in bus termini. Real-time alerts can be issued to bus captains and other road users to enhance road safety if a jaywalker is detected;

  • Application of Internet of Things

Monitoring of computer systems and mechanical parts on each bus in real-time to make appropriate and pre-emptive maintenance to enhance the reliability of bus services;

  • Autonomous bus driving

5G technology, Video Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence are the building blocks of autonomous bus driving.

What’s more, the exhibition also plays a virtual video that explains KMB’s plan to introduce double-deck electric buses, and its expectation to gradually electrify the entire fleet by 2050. At the same time, more than 22,000 solar photovoltaic panels will be set up in bus depots, bus stops and bus rooftops by the end of this year to reduce emissions and save energy for Hong Kong.


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KMB cooperates with SmarTone and takes the lead to launch 5G Bus to become the first franchised bus company providing 5G Wi-Fi services. From left: Joseph Leung, Financial Controller of KMB, Josephine Lam, Head of Marketing & Sales of SmarTone, and Daniel Leung, Head of Business Markets of SmarTone.

KMB will show 5G stickers at the front of the 5G Buses for recognition.


How to use:

1. Turn on the Wi-Fi on your device, then search and connect your device to “KMB x SmarTone 5G.”

 2. Read the terms and conditions before pressing “Agree“and “Connect.”

 3. Completed. Enjoy the free 5G Wi-Fi services now!