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LWB introduces Special Route E36S to travel between Yuen Long and the Airport during peak hours

From 30 August 2021 (Monday), LWB will introduce a new Special Route E36S [ Yuen Long (Ma Wang Road) Airport (Ground Transportation Centre)] , which provides service to and from Yuen Long and the Airport via Tai Lam Tunnel and Lantau Link during morning and evening peak hours from Mondays to Saturdays (except Public Holidays). The full fare is $13.9.

Details are as follows:


Service Hours
From Mondays to Saturdays, except Public Holidays

Main Stops Sequence

Departure from Yuen Long (Ma Wang Road)

0530 – 0840

San Shui House à Shui Pin Wai Estate à Yuen Long Main Road à YOHO Mall II à YOHO Mall I à Tai Lam Tunnel à Lantau Link Toll Plaza à Tung Chung Crescent à Chun Wan Road North à Cathay Pacific City à AirportGround Transportation Centre

Departure from Airport (Ground Transportation Centre)

1700 – 1900

AirportGround Transportation Centreà Cathay Pacific City à Airport Freight Forwarding Centre à Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal à Lantau Link Toll Plaza à Tai Lam Tunnel à YOHO Mall I à Yuen Long Main Road à San Shui House

The first departure time of Route E36S from Pat Heung Road will be advanced to 5:05 a.m. The special departure of E36S travelling between YOHO Mall and the Airport will cease operation on the same day.

For details, please refer to the annex.


Passengers may call the Long Win Customer Service Hotline on 2261-2791 or Live Chat with us on the LWB website at or on App1933.