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KMB Gives Out One-year Free Rides and Bus Naming Rights to All HK Delegation Members at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

The exemplary performances of Hong Kong Delegation members at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games are cheerful to all Hong Kong people. KMB announced that all Hong Kong athletes at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games will be given one-year free rides and bus naming rights. Each athlete can name a bus, and a tag with naming content and messages will display at the front of the bus compartment. KMB shared the same exciting moment with Hong Kong people together. We were all impressed by the athletes’ perseverance demonstrated in the games and they have commanded our respect.

KMB has rolled out Olympic-themed buses earlier. The duo mainly serves Route 66X [Tuen Mun(Tai Hing Estate) ⇋ Olympic Station] and Route 270B [Shung Shui ⇋ Olympic Station] to continue the promotion of Olympic Spirit.