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KMB New Membership Scheme “club1933” Earn points by taking bus to redeem rewards A welcoming gift of 200 points is ready for you

KMB and LWB introduce the new membership scheme “club1933”, bringing a brand-new travelling experience to passengers. Starting from 30 August, passengers can register on App1933 and travel by bus to earn redeemable points on exclusive privileges. The more rides you take, the more gifts for you to redeem! During the promotion period, new members of “club1933” are entitled to receive a welcoming gift of 200 points.

More Rides, More Points

As a member of “club1933”, passengers can earn 0.1 points for every HK$0.1 spent, using a registered valid Octopus Card or Octopus product to take any bus routes* operated by KMB or LWB. The points are redeemable on member-exclusive privileges, including gifts, member-only event invitations and special offers. Rewards will be updated from time to time. New members of “club1933” are entitled to receive a welcoming gift of 200 points.

Members can easily manage your needs on the new one-stop membership platform of “club1933” by accessing to your account with mobile application App1933;

1.      Check the bonus points;

2.      Check the latest privileges;

3.      Use the points to redeem the rewards or redeem the rewards at a special price plus bonus points. 

After selected your desired rewards, members can collect the rewards at designated redemption locations by presenting the corresponding rewards QR code within 14 days. To make it more convenient, the redemption locations were increased to 15, including some large-scale bus termini.

Scan here for the page of “club1933”: 

Click here for the terms and conditions; click here for the promotion poster.


New arrangements of KMB X LWB FUN Redemption

Besides, the points earning from “KMB X LWB FUN Redemption” will continue until 30 September 2021. The validity of points is 30 days, that means the points will be expired on 30 October 2021 and must be used to redeem rewards on or before 30 October 2021. Except receiving 200 welcoming points, the existing points will automatically transfer to club1933 for members of “KMB X LWB FUN Redemption” once they register as a member of “club1933”, while the validity of points will remain unchanged.

Registration in 4 easy steps

To become a member of “club1933”, passengers can register their personal information and Octopus card or product number on App1933.

1.      Login page of club1933 on App1933, press Register (Remarks: Update App1933 to the latest version.)

2.      Register personal information and Octopus number.

3.      Read the terms and conditions, then submit.

4.      A SMS verifications code will send to your phone to verify your account.

5.    Registration completed.


“club1933”  X  “The Point by SHKP”
Double Awards Promotion

During the promotion period, passengers register as a member of “club1933” and “The Point” simultaneously to enjoy “The Point” bonus points. Within 30 days from the member’s registration date, members can enjoy double awards for KMB or LWB bus rides*, earning 1 point of “club1933” and 1 point of “The Point” per every HK$1 spending.

*Excluding routes K12, K14, K17 and K18.