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KMB Route 603A Launches New Returning Services in Early Evening for Passengers to Reach Lam Tim from North Point and Fortress Hill Directly

 From 20 September 2021 (Monday), the new returning services will be implemented in KMB Route 603A (Pin Tin ⇋ Central) on Mondays to Fridays in the evening peak hours. The fast and convenient new trips will depart from Rumsey Street, Central and travel to Yau Tong and Lam Tin directly through the Eastern Harbour Crossing, North Point and Fortress Hill. It takes 15 minutes only for passengers to reach Yau Tong from North Point. Details are as follows:


Major Catchment Area

Departure Time (Mondays – Fridays except public holidays)

Full Fare

603A (Ping Tin → Central Market)

Ping Tin, Lam Tin, Ko Chiu Road, Yau Tong, Eastern Harbour Crossing, North Point, Fortress Hill, Causeway Bay, Happy Valley, Wan Chai, Admiralty, Central

7:40, 7:50 a.m.


603A (Rumsey Street  Ping Tin)

Central, Admiralty, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, Fortress Hill, North Point, Eastern Harbour Crossing, Yau Tong, Ko Chiu Road, Lam Tin, Ping Tin

5:105:40 p.m. (New Services)


Please refer to the appendix for more information.

Passengers may call the KMB Customer Service Hotline on 2745-4466 or LiveChat with us on App1933 or the KMB website for more details.