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Twenty One KMB and LWB Routes Carry Passengers to The Hong Kong Food Carnival at Kwai Fong

The 8th Hong Kong Food Carnival will be held on 30 October – 7 November at Kwai Chung Sports Ground. Passengers may take the following 21 KMB and LWB routes to travel to the venue directly. Details are as follows:

Departure Area


Suggested Bus Stop for Alighting

Kowloon East

38 [Kwai Shing (East) ⇌ Ping Tin]


42 [Tsing Yi (Cheung Hong Estate) ⇌ Shun Lee]

Che Fong Street Kwai Fong

Kwai Tsing Theatre

Mong Kok, Sham Shui Po

33A [Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower) ⇌ Mong Kok (Park Avenue)]

37 [Olympic Station ⇌ Kwai Shing (Central)]

Che Fong Street Kwai Fong


47A [Shui Chuen O ⇌ Kwai Fong (South)]

47X [Chun Shek ⇌ Kwai Shing (East)]


Che Fong Street Kwai Fong

Shek Lei, On Yam

31M [Shek Lei (Lei Pui St) ⇌ Kwai Fong Station]

235M [Kwai Chung (On Yam Estate) ⇌ Kwai Fong Station]


Lei Muk Shue, Shek Wai Kok

32M [Kwai Fong Station – Cheung Shan (Circular)]

36M (Lei Muk Shue ⇌ Kwai Fong Station)


Tsing Yi

43 [Tsing Yi (Cheung Hong Estate) ⇌ Tsuen Wan West Station]

43A [Tsing Yi (Cheung Wang Estate) ⇌ Shek Lei (Tai Loong Street)]

43M [Kwai Fong Station – Cheung Ching (Circular)]



44M [Tsing Yi (Cheung On Estate) ⇌ Kwai Chung Estate]

Kwai Chung Sports Ground

Kwai Chung Sports Ground

Kwai Tsing Theatre/ Kwai Fong Station Bus Terminus

Kwai Chung Sports Ground

Tuen Mun

58M [Tuen Mun (Leung King Estate) ⇌ Kwai Fong Station]

67M [Tuen Mun (Siu Hong Court) ⇌ Kwai Fong Station]


Tin Shui Wai

69M (Kwai Fong Station ⇌ Tin Shui Wai Town Centre)

265M [Tin Heng Estate ⇌ Kwai Chung (Lai Yiu Estate)]

269M (Tin Yan Estate ⇌ Cho Yiu)



Kwai Fong Estate


Kwai Fong Estate

Tung Chung

E32 [Kwai Fong (South) ⇌ Asiaworld Expo]

E32A [Kwai Fong (South) ⇌ Tung Chung Development Pier]



Please refer to the appendix for more information.

Passengers may call the KMB Customer Service Hotline on 2745-4466 or LiveChat with us on App1933 or the KMB website for more details.