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KMB works with SmarTone and Teksbotics to Develop a 5G Autonomous Driving System in Hong Kong

Moving towards Smart City is one of the key developmental directions of Hong Kong. With self-driving technology maturing gradually, KMB working with SmarTone and Teksbotics, an artificial intelligence company, announced a strategic partnership to introduce self-driving technology by using 5G in Hong Kong. This, in turn, will enhance the operational efficiency of public transport and road safety with the energy technology of zero carbon emission to drive Hong Kong towards Smart City.

Three companies joining hands
To develop an autonomous transportation system

With the specificities of ultra-low latency, real-time connection to the Internet of Things, and high-speed data transmission, 5G technology improved the V2V (Vehicle-to-vehicle) and V2X (vehicle-to-everything) real-time communication. The signal among vehicle-to-vehicle and traffic systems can be coordinated precisely and bring a more secure, reliable, efficient and green transport service. Artificial intelligence acts as a cornerstone for the 5G Autonomous Driving System. In the latest Policy Address, the Government has announced that a bill of the new regulatory framework for autonomous vehicles will be tabled to the following term of the Legislative Council. The legislation will provide more rooms for the industry to test and use the technology, which will bring a substantial breakthrough to the public transport of Hong Kong.

KMB, the largest franchised bus company in Hong Kong, and SmarTone, the leading 5G mobile operator in Hong Kong, and Teksbotics (Asia), the artificial intelligence and autonomous driving technology company, announced a strategic partnership to participate in the test of autonomous driving in Hong Kong.

“KMB is familiar with the transportation, road situation and passengers’ travelling patterns of the city very well. To cope with Hong Kong’s Smart City blueprint development, KMB will participate in the trial of the autonomous driving system. We aim to put our efforts to promote the development of the autonomous driving system for the public transportation planning of new developments areas in the future. Meanwhile, we will bring safer, more accurate and greener transport services to passengers,” said Joseph Leung, the Financial Controller of KMB.

“Smart Mobility is one of the key areas for Hong Kong's development into a smart city. With its ultra-low latency, real-time connection to the Internet of Things, 5G is the important element to accomplish Autonomous Driving. Driverless vehicles, adding with 5G communication technology, will be the further development direction of the automotive industry”, said Daniel Leung, Head of Business Markets of SmarTone.

“Artificial intelligence can be improved through the simulation environment and data analysis to promote the development of autonomous driving system. With the KMB’s experience and professionalism in the bus industry, and SmarTone’s ultra-fast and stable 5G network, and the driver assistance systems, I believe that we can introduce a safe and reliable autonomous driving system to Hong Kong”, said Teksbotics.

Come to 5G Lab and experience Smart Transport of the future

In the KMB Smart Transportation Exhibition of 5G Lab, KMB will introduce more details of the autonomous public transport system and KMB’s applications of 5G technology, including Video Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Big Data Analysis. KMB can further enhance bus services, driving safety and eco-friendly designs with these elements in the future.

"5G Lab" is located at Sky100 Observation Deck of the International Commerce Centre (ICC). This Lab aspires to inform the public of the latest trends on 5G’s development and application in Hong Kong, and how the 5G applications breakthrough the boundaries and change every aspect of our daily lives.

 5G Lab

Address: Sky100, International Commerce Centre (ICC)


Joseph Leung, the Financial Controller of KMB (Left 2), Daniel Leung, Head of Business Markets of SmarTone (Left 1), Charles So, Transport Advisor of Project Management Department, SHK (Right 2), and Dennis Cheung, Associate Director of Teksbotics are excited to develop autonomous driving public transport in Hong Kong.