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Riders of Routes P960 and P968 to enjoy 14-day free trial of KKBOX lossless streaming service (Updated on 28 February 2022)

KMB continues to provide an upgraded travelling experience for Routes P960 and P968. In collaboration with KKBOX, the music streaming platform, passengers of Routes P960 and P968 can enjoy a 14-day free trial of the KKBOX lossless streaming service that provides listening experience equivalence to studio recording.

From 24 January 2022, passengers of Routes P960 and P968 can enjoy the free trial simply by scanning the QR code shown inside buses to download the KKBOX app. Follow the instructions to register for a KKBOX account* and you can enjoy over 70 million songs on KKBOX, with over 40 million songs in 16-bit resolution CD quality and 3 million songs in 24-bit Hi-Res quality. Record companies offer lossless audio files without upscaling, perfectly presenting the original audio quality. The promotion will only be valid for a month.

Enjoy a non-stop lossless streaming with free 5G onboard Wi-Fi service

With the 5G Wi-Fi service mainly equipped on buses running Routes P960 and P968, passengers can enjoy the lossless streaming service through the ultra-fast, stable and smooth 5G network by logging into free and unlimited 30-minute sessions of 5G internet. KMB boy has also prepared a new playlist that includes songs trending right now.

Besides the lossless streaming services, KMB is also extending the 73% off fare discount for KMB Monthly Pass holders until further notice. Terms and conditions apply.

The number of trips (i.e., ten trips per day) will not be deducted to provide passengers with more autonomous and flexible mobility.

The way of embarking on an upgraded journey is simple. Details are as follows:

  1. Passengers pay the regular fare first using an Octopus card or an Octopus product loaded with a valid KMB Monthly Pass and had sufficient value when boarding LWB “A” Routes#, Routes P960 or P968.
  1. The fare difference will be returned to passengers through Octopus App or by tapping the Octopus card at Octopus Service Point. The fare concession can be received after ten working days and within 30 days.

More exclusive privileges for KMB Monthly Pass holders

  • Each purchase of Monthly Pass can earn 780 points of the KMB membership scheme “club1933”. Along with 200 welcoming points, the Pass holders can earn 980 points for the first registration, and the points are redeemable on KMB Masks and special gifts.
  • Enjoy the seamless protection from the Bus Passenger MicroInsurance “BUS RYDE” 1 during the KMB journey.
  • Assigned operators will handle the enquiry when calling on the KMB Monthly Pass Exclusive Hotline (3947 7888).
  • Experience a comfortable bus journey on LWB “A” Routes, Routes P960 and P968 by paying a “Fare for Upgraded Journey.”

#LWB Overnight “NA” Routes are not applicable.

1BUS RYDE, the microinsurance for personal belongings and accidental medical protection, was co-launched by YAS and Generali.

Passengers may call the KMB Customer Service Hotline on 2745-4466 or visit KMB website or App1933 for more details.

Registration procedures:

  1. Use any mobile devices to scan the QR Code on lower-left

  1. Click “free-trial for new users”

  1. Download the KKBOX app on app store

  1. Register for a KK ID*

  1. Log into the registered KK ID

  1. Done and simmer yourself in lossless audio streaming service provided by KKBOX

  1. Adjust to Lossless Audio streaming on my KKBOX app (More > Settings > Play Settings - Select Audio Quality)

*may require personal details.


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KMB Boy has prepared a new playlist on KKBOX, featuring songs that are trending right now.