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KMB to award all Hong Kong Athletes to the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games Bus Naming Rights to demonstrate full support

KMB announces to give out “Bus Naming Rights” to all three athletes of the Hong Kong Delegation to the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games, demonstrating encouragement and support to them.

Hong Kong has sent its largest Winter Olympic delegation to Beijing in 2022 by fielding three athletes, including CHU Sidney K (500m Short Track Speed Skating), KING Audrey Alice and YUNG Hau Tsuen Adrian (both in Alpine Skiing). The three members have overcome difficulties to be qualified for the Games, and KMB is proud of them. Ms King was the first athlete among the Delegation to compete in an event, and she showed the most extraordinary effort in her slalom run today. We are impressed and encouraged by her hard work and perseverance demonstrated in the Games.

KMB is giving out “Bus Naming Rights” to all athletes of the Hong Kong Delegation. Every athlete can name one KMB bus, and a tag with naming content and messages will be displayed near the front of the bus compartment until the bus retires. KMB has also announced giving out one-year free rides to all members of the Hong Kong delegation at the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games earlier.

KMB wishes all Hong Kong athletes will achieve the best results in the rest of the Games. Let us cheer Mr Chu on for the Short Track Speed Skating on Friday.