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KMB fully launches e-payment system on all routes applicable to all bus-bus interchange discounts and Regional Two-way Sectional Fare Schemes

Starting from 13 February 2022 (Sunday), the e-payment system will be applicable to all KMB routes, allowing passengers to enjoy a cashless payment community fully. The system also supports areas with Regional Two-way Sectional Fare Schemes. KMB is the public transport operator to accept the most electronic payment methods. Passengers can pay bus fares using 12 methods, including Octopus cards and cash. Like using Octopus cards, the passengers using the e-payment system can also enjoy bus-bus interchange discounts.

The e-payment system will be available on the entire KMB bus fleet from 13 February. Passengers should place the contactless credit card, use the e-wallet, or scan the QR code through our one-stop fare reader to pay the fare when boarding. The reader will make a beeping sound and show “Welcome aboard” to indicate the completed transaction. The reader is preset to adult fares. Children aged under 12 and people aged 65 and over should press the button on the reader’s top right or choose an appropriate bus fare option on the app to enjoy a half-fare discount.

Fare discounts are applicable to the e-payment systems

The e-payment system will also support all existing routes under the KMB Regional Two-way Sectional Fare Schemes in North-West New Territories (Tuen Mun, Yuen Long, and Tin Shui Wai) and Tseung Kwan O. A one-stop fare reader has been installed on a bus stop with an Octopus card validator. Passengers need to pay the full fare by tapping their contactless credit cards or using their mobile devices when boarding the bus to enjoy the discount. After alighting from the bus and tapping the same contactless credit card or mobile device, or scanning the QR code on the one-stop reader, part of the fare will be automatically returned#.

E-payment system also supports the existing bus-bus interchange discounts. However, passengers must pay with the same credit card or mobile payment account to enjoy the second leg’s fare discount. If the two payment methods are different, passengers cannot enjoy the second leg’s interchange discount.

Routes map 1  Routes map 2

Accept ten e-payment methods

KMB e-payment system accepts contactless cards, mobile payment devices, and QR code scanning. Passengers can use e-wallets on mobile devices and smartwatches. KMB, providing the most electronic payment methods among public transport operators in Hong Kong, will continue to actively explore cooperation with more electronic payment platforms allowing passengers to choose their bus fare payment methods.

KMB e-payment system accepts the following ten payment methods:

Contactless payment

Mastercard/ UnionPay / VISA/ JCB

Mobile payment

Apple Pay/ Google Pay (Android)/ Samsung Pay

QR code payment

AlipayHK EasyGo/ Alipay Transit QR code* / UnionPay Transit QR code *

*Passengers need to switch the app to the location of Hong Kong

#Time and procedures needed for fare rebate vary on certain payment methods. Please contact the relevant e-payment supplier for details.

Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

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How to enjoy the Regional Two-way Sectional Fare

1.      Pay full fare when boarding the bus by tapping your contactless credit card or mobile device or scanning the QR code.



2.      Proceed to designated bus stops with a one-stop reader after alighting. Tap the same contactless credit card or mobile device, or scan the QR code. “Sectional Fare Rebate was Registered” should appear on the screen.

3.      Bus stops with Regional Sectional Fare validators are marked in a green symbol.


Photo captions

Joseph Leung, KMB Finance Director (Left) and Emily Cheung, KMB Assistant Commercial Director, try using the e-payment system.

All bus stops with Octopus card validators for Regional Sectional Fare have installed a one-stop reader for passengers using the e-payment system.

Passengers may call the KMB Customer Service Hotline on 2745-4466 or visit KMB website or App1933 for more details.