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KMB to provide Rapid Antigen Tests kits for frontline staff to facilitate the universal testing

KMB will make arrangements to distribute the RAT kits provided by the Government and procured by ourselves to our colleagues starting today. Frontline staff can make use of the kits to conduct self-tests in a timely manner, protecting themselves and the community.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, KMB, without slackening in cleaning our buses, has introduced various cleaning and anti-epidemic measures, including the installation of ventilation windows in the compartments to increase air ventilation, use of antimicrobial coating for long-term disinfection inside the buses, cleaning the bus compartments with diluted bleach and antiseptic solutions, and providing hand sanitiser in buses and bus stops. As for bus stops and employee facilities, KMB has also strengthened the frequency of cleaning and disinfection work and provided sufficient cleaning agents for our staff.

To further enhance our cleaning work under the fifth wave of the pandemic, the Live Chat function on App1933 has added an option of “Bus cleanliness”. Tap on the Live Chat button on the lower right corner of the homepage, choose the “Bus cleanliness” option under the “Customer feedback” section and report to us details of the license plate number of the bus and the route or the bus stop location. KMB will follow up on the situation.

KMB will do our best to protect our staff and passengers and stand side by side with Hong Kong in fighting against the epidemic.

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KMB provides RAT kits to all bus captains, frontline operations, maintenance staff.


KMB has prepared the RAT kits for our employees through different channels to ensure their safety.



App1933 has added an option of “Bus cleanliness” to allow passengers to report to us the cleanliness of our buses and bus stops.




KMB cleans employee facilities every day using an antiseptic solution.