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KMB steps up in sanitisation for your safety journeys

The fifth wave of COVID-19 has reached a critical stage. KMB has further stepped up its efforts to sanitise the buses with bus captains sterilise the driver’s cabin and bus compartments with the disinfectants provided before every trip. The frequency of cleaning the air conditioner on all buses has also been enhanced to weekly to give passengers and staff a clean and safe environment.

KMB has placed sanitisers at bus termini and staff rest stations for frontline employees to clean the driver’s cabin and bus compartments before duty. In addition, every frontline staff member has to obtain a negative result from their Rapid Antigen Tests before reporting to work every day.

As for passenger facilities, KMB has strengthened the frequency of cleaning air-conditioning systems on all buses to once a week to ensure passengers and bus captains have a clean and safe commuting environment. Passengers can also make use of the ventilation windows, which more than 600 buses have been equipped with, to help with air ventilation.

Despite the operational challenges brought by the pandemic, our staff will strive for serving the community with dedication and providing quality services for the public to keep Hong Kong moving. KMB Managing Director Roger Lee said, “KMB understands that some members of the community may not be able to work from home and still rely on bus services. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the public who continues to travel with KMB. We will ensure their journeys are safe and secure and keep playing a key role in public transport.”

Our anti-epidemic measures have never slackened since the outbreak of COVID-19 more than two years ago. KMB is the first bus company to adopt anti-microbial coating technology to conduct long-lasting disinfection work for the entire fleet. We have also retrofitted our buses by installing ventilation windows to increase air ventilation and have protected our staff members, passengers, and the community through manufacturing KMB masks. KMB has kept cleaning our buses daily and provided hand sanitiser on buses and at bus stops with the aim to safeguard the community and “joining hands to fight COVID”.

KMB would like to thank every passenger for their tolerance and cooperation in the fight against the disease. We also hope passengers can inform us on deficiencies in our services and cleanliness through the LiveChat function on App1933, which KMB will take follow-up actions immediately.

All KMB staff are dedicated to providing professional bus service and joining hands with Hong Kong to forging ahead in adversity.

Passengers may call the KMB Customer Service Hotline on 2745-4466 or visit KMB website or App1933 for more details.


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Bus captains will make use of disinfectants to sterilise the bus compartment.

Anti-septic spray can also be used on staff uniform.