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KMB takes the lead to introduce foldable armrests in wheelchair area to upgrade barrier-free facilities

Committed to enhancing passenger safety, The Kowloon Motor Bus Co. (1933) Ltd. (“KMB”) introduces two designs of foldable armrest in wheelchair area. Over 90 buses with the armrest installed will gradually be put in service. KMB will further collect opinions of wheelchair passengers to provide a safe and more comfortable barrier-free facilities.

The new foldable armrest is located behind the wheelchair back pad. Once the passenger has parked the wheelchair, the bus captain will offer assistance by lowering down the armrest to further protect the passenger in additional to safety belts. The armrest can be folded up and secured behind the back pad when no wheelchair users onboard.

KMB has invited eight disabled groups to the Kowloon Bay Depot to better understand the views of wheelchair users. Representatives from the groups have tried out several designs of the armrests and provided us with their feedback.

Ng Keung, Board Member of the Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power, said, “There were not any protective measures on the corridor side in the wheelchair area and the new armrest could help fill this loophole. This can prevent wheelchair users being injured by accident and also protect other passengers from bumping into the wheelchair area.”

Kevin Ng, Programme Officer of the Hong Kong PHAB Association, also agreed the armrest could help protect wheelchair passengers. “We appreciate KMB’s attention to the safety of wheelchair passengers and the continuous enhancement of barrier-free facilities on board. We believe the new armrest at wheelchair area could offer extra safety to wheelchair passengers.”

KMB would like to thank the disabled groups for their valuable comments. The wheelchair armrest has become one of the standard features for newly purchased buses. Over 90 buses with the armrest installed hve been put in service gradually starting from today (23 June). KMB will continue to improve its barrier-free facilities with reference to passengers' opinions.

Passengers may call the KMB Customer Service Hotline on 2745-4466 or visit KMB website or App1933 for more details.

Photo captions

Eight disabled groups visited KMB Kowloon Bay Depot to give their opinions on the newly installed armrest in wheelchair areas onboard.

Ng Keung, Board Member of the Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power, believes the new facility can protect wheelchair passengers.


The armrest in wheelchair area has two designs, both are foldable. KMB will further improve the design with reference to the opinions.

The armrest is foldable secured by safety lock when not in use.

List of disabled group participated in the consultation (in random order)

Direction Association for the Handicapped

The Parents' Association Of Pre-School Handicapped Children

Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth

People of FortitudeInt’l Mutual and Assn. for the Disabled

Rehabilitation Alliance Hong Kong

Hong Kong PHAB Association

Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation

Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power