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KMB further enhances bus services in Queen’s Hill and North District Service hours extension of 278A to provide a more direct option to urban area

Following the service enhancement of KMB Route 78A, KMB is extending the service hours of Route 278A [Queen’s Hill ⇋ Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower)] from 4 July (Monday) onwards. Furthermore, the service hours of Route 73B [Tai Po Nethersole Hospital – Sheung Shui (Circular)] will also be extended by adding special peak-hours trips. The first departure of Route 278X [Sheung Shui ⇋ Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower)] will be advanced.

Service hours of Queen’s Hill Route 278A extended
New departure to Queen’s Hill in the morning

With the service hours extension of Route 278A, passengers from Queen’s Hill and Luen Wo Hui can travel to urban areas conveniently. Route 278A is also via the Fanling Highway Interchange, where passengers can interchange to other KMB routes with frequent headways to Sham Shui Po, Yau Tsim Mong, East Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, thus a more flexible travel time for them. In addition, a new morning departure to Queen’s Hill is added to cope with the passenger demands so that they can go to work in On Lok Industrial Area and Queen’s Hill.

It is the second time within one month that KMB has enhanced its service in Queen’s Hill. As more residents are moving into Queen’s Hill Estate, KMB will closely monitor the demand and maintain close communications with the Transport Department, planning to further enhance the service there.





Queen’s Hill ⇋ Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower)

Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower) bound:

Service hours on Mondays to Fridays extended to 06:00-09:00


Queen’s Hill bound:

New departure added at 07:40; and

Service hours on Mondays to Fridays extended to 17:00-20:00

Connect to Fanling Highway Interchange and transfer to the city in an easy way

Some KMB routes at Fanling Highway Interchange are going to Yau Tsim Mong, East Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. KMB also offers interchange discounts which passengers could enjoy a free transfer or top-up discount when interchanging to other routes, saving $13.7 at most.


Interchanging routes

Discount for route 278A passengers

Tai Po


Free transfer

Ma On Shan


A total fare of $13.9

West Kowloon


A total fare of $15.6

East Kowloon


A total fare of $19.3


A total fare of $16.3


A total fare of $15.6

Hong Kong Island


A total fare of $25.6

Routes with * only serve in peak hours. For details, please refer to the KMB website.

Fare concessions for passengers from Queen’s Hill

KMB provides fare concessions for passengers from Queen’s Hill, including a KMB Fare Saver located at Shan Lai Court Bus Stop, where passengers can enjoy a $1 fare discount when they ride on KMB buses by tapping an adult or student Octopus card on it.

For details of KMB Fare Savers, please refer to the terms and conditions and the appendix.

Service hours extension of Route 73B and a newly added special departures

KMB will also extend the service hours of Route 73B during peak hours to facilitate passengers travelling to Tai Po, Luen Wo Hui and Sheung Shui.





Tai Po Nethersole Hospital – Sheung Shui (Circular)

Daily service hours extended to


New special departures from Union Plaza to Tai Po Nethersole Hospital during the morning peak at 06:45 and 07:15; and


New special departures from Tai Po Nethersole Hospital to Sheung Shui Station during the afternoon peak at 18:15 and 18:50.

First departure of Route 278X advanced





Sheung Shui ⇋ Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower)

Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower) bound:

Daily first departure advanced to 05:15

Please refer to appendix for details.

Passengers may call the KMB Customer Service Hotline on 2745-4466 or visit KMB website or App1933 for more details.