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Bus Regeneration Programme: KMB donates a used and retired bus to Sha Tin Public School

Students and teachers of Sha Tin Public School will be able to learn on the retired bus provided by The Kowloon Motor Bus Co. (1933) Ltd. (“KMB”) under its Used and Retired Bus Donation Programme.

Sha Tin Public School is dedicated to providing special education for students with mild intellectual disabilitities. Due to the severe shortage of classrooms in the school, the reading promotion activities of students are affected. The school applied for a retired bus from KMB and planned to convert the bus into a reading area to enhance students' reading interest and ability.

To promote a reading atmosphere, the school plans to transform the lower deck into a leisure and comfortable reading corner and area to cultivate students’ reading habits. The upper deck is expected to be changed into a multimedia learning centre, equipped with the latest electronic whiteboards, providing a comfortable learning area, and inspiring students’ potential through STEAM education programmes and other creative courses. The school will invite students to design the bus body livery as a platform for enhancing their artistic creativity by organising a design competition.

The Principal of Sha Tin Public School, Ms. Ng Yuet Ngor, expressed her gratitude to KMB. “When the bus magically appeared on our campus, teachers and students were all excited about it. It is hoped that the regenerated bus will create more journeys for students to learn and explore, and plant the seeds of scientific knowledge for their brighter future.”

KMB aims to convert retired buses for educational purposes, as a different way of serving Hong Kong, while achieving the objective of recycling resources. These donations also allow the schools to use their creativity to give a new meaning to the old bus and assist students in chasing their dreams in an enhanced learning atmosphere.

Under the Used and Retired Bus Donation Programme, which was rolled out at the end of 2016, retired single-deck and double-deck buses will be donated to schools and non-profit organisations. Applicants are required to submit a proposal detailing how the bus will be deployed, including a description of how it will meet the requirements of sustainable development and the educational purposes to which it will be put.

KMB donated a retired bus to Sha Tin Public School in late June. The
school plans to convert it into a reading area.

Group photo with the Principal of Sha Tin Public School, Ms. Ng Yuet Ngor (sixth from left), teaching staff, and KMB representatives.