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KMB upgrades service of Route 961 Direct to Causeway Bay from Tuen Mun during peak hours

Effective from 4 September (Sunday), KMB is upgrading the service of Route 961 [Tuen Mun (Shan King) Wan Chai (HKCEC)] by extending its range of service to the centre of Causeway Bay and Victoria Park during peak hours every day. The service upgrade provides a more convenient way for residents in Shan King, Tuen Mun Town Centre, On Ting and Siu Lun to travel directly to and from Causeway Bay during peak hours. Passengers from other districts in Tuen Mun may also make use of other KMB routes observing Tuen Mun Road Interchange to interchange to Route 961 for heading to Causeway Bay.

Direct to Causeway Bay in designated periods

Starting from 4 September, Route 961, Hong Kong Island-bound departures from Shan King Bus Terminus, during the morning peak hours from 06:30hrs to 09:00hrs daily, will travel along Hennessy Road to Yee Wo Street near Paterson Street, Victoria Park and Hing Fat Street after observing Fleming Road bus stop, via the heart of Causeway Bay. For Tuen Mun-bound departures during the afternoon peak hours from 18:00hrs to 21:30hrs, the trips will observe Moreton Terrace (near Central Library), Yee Wo Street and Tin Lok Lane after the Convention Avenue bus stop before resuming its original routing.

Details are as follows:


Designated period

direct to Causeway Bay

Newly added bus stops

Wan Chai

Departures from Shan King during 06:30hrs and 09:00hrs daily

1.      Stewart Road

2.      Wan Chai Fire Station

3.      Paterson Street

4.      Victoria Park

5.      Hing Fat Street

Tuen Mun
(Shan King)

Departures from Wan Chai during 18:00hrs and 21:00hrs daily

1.      Moreton Terrace

2.      Yee Wo Street

3.      Tin Lok Lane

4.      Kwong Sang Hong Building

*Departures to Wan Chai (HKCEC) via Causeway Bay will not observe HK Convention & Exhibition Centre bus stop. Other en-route stops are not affected.


Free Interchange between Routes 960, 961 and 961
Whole-day service between Tuen Mun and Causeway Bay

Passengers travelling to Causeway Bay from Tuen Mun outside the designated periods may take Routes 960 [Tuen Mun (Kin Sang) Exhibition Centre Station] or 961 [Tuen Mun (Shan King Estate) Wan Chai (HKCEC)) and interchange to Route 968 [Yuen Long West Causeway Bay (Tin Hau)] on Hong Kong Island. For the return trip, passengers may take Route 968 first and interchange with Routes 960 or 961 in Wan Chai. A free-of-charge discount is offered on the second-leg journey.

First-leg route

Second-leg route

Suggested interchange locations

960 or 961

to Wan Chai


to Causeway Bay

Lippo Centre, Cotton Tree Drive

or all eastbound bus stops on Hong Kong Island before Fleming Road.


to Yuen Long

960 or 961

to Tuen Mun

Hennessy Road near Fleming Road

or all westbound bus stops on Hong Kong Island before Queen Street.

Please refer to the appendix for details.


Passengers may call the KMB Customer Service Hotline on 2745-4466 or visit KMB website or App1933 for more details.