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KMB organises Appreciation Month to encourage colleagues to thank each other promoting a positive working environment

To develop a work culture of mutual appreciation and support, The Kowloon Motor Bus Co. (1933) Ltd. (“KMB”) organised “Appreciation Month” to encourage its colleagues to express their gratitude through activities like video shooting and online thank you cards presentation. The Management has also participated in the video to every colleague who persevered in their posts.

The KMB Appreciation Month this year was held from mid-August to mid-September to thank our colleagues for their hard work and encourage them to show appreciation to their working partners. A “Thank You video” featuring our Management team, including Administration Director Steve Hui, Finance Director Joseph Leung, Operations Director Andrew Kwan and Safety Director Rachel Kwan, and other co-workers from the frontline and backend office, was produced to thank all of our colleagues for their contributions and support to the Company. The video also aims to bring positive energy among everyone in KMB and to develop a company culture of appreciation, mutual trust and unity.

The video was filmed at a number of working locations in KMB. Some of them are rarely publicly shown, including the Command and Control Centre (War Room), Coin Box Operations Section, Electronic Fare Collection Section and Information Technology Department, other than bus termini, depots and interchanges.

KMB has also organised various events during the Appreciation Month such as offering free drinks to colleagues, a thanksgiving day which staff members could enjoy discounts when purchasing KMB souvenirs and a forum for thank you messages on the staff web that acts as a platform for them to send thank you cards to their working partners.

KMB Administration Director Steve Hui appreciated his colleagues’ contributions and hard work. “KMB believes that staff is the most important asset to the company. We hope to promote a mindset of positive communication through the provision of diversified activities to build mutual trust and understanding between co-workers as well as a happy and pleasant working environment.”


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KMB gifted drinks to all colleagues to thank them for sticking to their posts during the hot summer.

Directors, department heads and colleagues of KMB were mobilised to participate in the video to thank all co-workers for their support and dedication. The video has been uploaded to YouTube KMB Channel so that members of the public can also feel a positive energy.

KMB has set up a forum for thank you messages on the staff web that acts as a platform for them to send thank you cards to their partners during Appreciation Month.