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KMB released a colour collection of NFTs with a limited unit club1933 members enjoy a $50 fare rebate

KMB rolled out the first batch of Non-Fungible Tokens (“NFT”) in June and was well-received. Now it is launching a new series of NFTs, allowing buyers to own KMB buses in a virtual world with different colours from reality. The new series of NFTs is limited to 2,000 units, and the first batch will be released on 8 October 2022. Anyone who successfully purchases a KMB NFT and registers as a club1933 member can enjoy a $50 KMB fare rebate.

Ten colour collections with a total of 2,000 units

NFT buyers can choose the bus colour and own the buses that are different from reality, unlike the first phase of NFTs, which was selected by bus routes. The new KMB NFTs have ten colour collections, and each colour is matched with one KMB solely-operated cross-harbour route, including Routes 108, 900, 960, 961, 968, 978, etc. (see the table below for details).

Buyers select the desired colour collection, and then the system will randomly distribute a KMB NFT belonging to the collection to the buyer’s account in different shades of colour. For example, when the buyer chooses the purple collection, different shades of purple KMB NFT will be distributed to enhance the uniqueness.

club1933 members can enjoy a $50 KMB fare rebate

Members of club1933 can enjoy a $50 KMB fare rebate when they purchase a colour collection of KMB NFT. Members must register the purchased NFT ID and Octopus number on the member page of App1933. Within 90 days from the day following registration, using a registered Octopus on KMB can enjoy a maximum fare rebate of $5 per journey. If the bus fare is less than $5, the actual fare of the trip will be refunded, with a total refund  of $50. From the 20th of the following month, members can collect the rebate from the Octopus App or at the Octopus Service Stations.

If more than one colour collection of KMB NFT is purchased, the rebate amount will be calculated by multiplying the amount of NFT purchased by $50. The more you buy, the more rebate amount you gain.

Colour collection of KMB NFT, designated routes, and release dates


Sample of bus NFTs

Designated Routes and the directions shown on the Route Display Screen

Public offering dates


Tuen Mun (Shan King Estate) / Wan Chai (HKCECE)

8 October


Kai Yip / Braemar Hill


Hung Shui Kiu (Hung Fuk Estate) / Quarry Bay Express


On Tai (West) / Shau Kei Wan


Ping Tin / Central (Central Ferry Piers)


Fanling (Wah Ming) / Exhibition Centre Station

21 October


Tuen Mun (Kin Sang Estate) / Exhibition Centre Station


Yuen Long (West) / Causeway Bay (Tin Hau)


Sheung Shui / Central (Hong Kong Station)


Pak Shek Kok / Wan Chai (HKCEC)


Combination of AR and NFT


The colour collection of KMB NFT resembles the ADL Enviro500 Euro VI 12.8M eco-friendly buses. The price of each NFT is HKD388 with a unique digital ID. Buyers can purchase the NFT by credit card on KMB SHOP ( or the “Shopping” button on App1933. Once you have purchased, the KMB NFT will be stored in the virtual asset wallet app, NOIZ BEAM.


NOIZ BEAM App is equipped with an AR function, where buyers can combine their unique 3D KMB NFT image with the real world and interact with it. They can also take photos with the NFT, giving them an enjoyable online experience.



Buyers can combine and interact with each unique 3D KMB NFT image in the real world, and can even create unique photos anywhere.

For details, please refer to the terms and conditions.

The rebate does not include Routes K12, K14, K17, K18, free rides, and KMB Monthly Pass.

The promotion is not applicable to Octopus cardholders who enjoy the $2 ride discount, KMB staff, KMB retirees, and their dependents.


Passengers may call the KMB Customer Service Hotline on 2745-4466 or visit KMB website or App1933 for more details.