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Interchanging is so simple: KMB to renovate its bus-bus interchanges to elevate interchange experience

The Kowloon Motor Bus Co. (1933) Ltd. ("KMB”) has set up 21 bus-bus interchanges. Passengers can benefit from KMB’s extensive route network and enjoy interchange concessions with the interchange network. To elevate passengers’ experience, KMB is renovating its bus-bus interchanges by adding more clear signages in the bus stops so that passengers can locate the platform for transfer more easily. Details of each interchange, such as route information, will also be posted in the bus stop and mobile app, App1933, to provide a clear picture of KMB’s interchange network. KMB is also planning to set up more interchanges in various locations to offer more discounts and convenient travel options.

Po Tin Interchange: another travel option for Wo Tin and Ching Tin

The intake of Wo Tin Estate and Ching Tin Estate in Area 54, Tuen Mun has commenced. KMB Route 67A [Tuen Mun (Po Tin Estate) ⇋ Kwai Fong (Kwai Tsui Estate)] is the only whole-day bus route in the area connecting the city. KMB has upgraded the bus stops near Po Tin Estate to Po Tin Interchange to offer an all-new travel option for passengers in Wo Tin and Ching Tin other than the Tuen Mun Road Interchange. Residents of Wo Tin and Ching Tin may enjoy an interchange concessions, equivalent to a free ride of Route 67A by taking Route 67A to Po Tin Bus Terminus first and interchanging to designated KMB routes or vice versa.

KMB has added platform numbers and directions to the bus stops of Po Tin Interchange, allowing passengers to find bus routes and boarding locations more easily. Based on their destinations – platforms in Po Tin Bus Terminus are numbered as P1 to P4, while those in Goodrich Garden and Po Tin, Ming Kum Road are numbered as S1 and T1 respectively. For example, for passengers travelling from Wo Tin Estate to Sham Shui Po, they may first take Route 67A to Platform P4 in Po Tin Bus Terminus, and walk to the nearby Platform T1 in Po Tin, Ming Kum Road Bus Stop to interchange to Route 58X [Tuen Mun (Leung King Estate) ⇋ Mong Kok East Station] for Sham Shui Po.

KMB Network in Po Tin



Interchange locations

Total fare for both legs

(interchanging from Route 67A)

Wo Tin, Ching Tin


Po Tin Bus Terminus
(Platform P4)

Not applicable

Kowloon Bay,
Kwun Tong


Po Tin Bus Terminus
(Platform P2)



Po Tin Bus Terminus
(Platform P1)


Sham Shui Po,
Mong Kok


Po Tin (Ming Kum Road)

(Platform T1)


Tsim Sha Tsui,
Hung Hom


Po Tin Bus Terminus
(Platforms P3)


Hong Kong Island


Goodrich Garden
(Platform S1)







Fanling (Wah Ming) Interchange: an easier way to navigate through North District

Fanling (Wah Ming) is one of the major transport hubs in the North District. KMB has upgraded the design of Wah Ming Interchange and renumbered the platforms so that passengers can locate the platforms more easily. There are also big network maps of the Interchange that comprehensively list out all bus-bus interchanges and major areas observed by the routes in the Interchange. For example, passengers travelling from Pak Wo Road to Kwun Tong may first take Route 273A [Sheung Shui (Choi Yuen) – Fanling (Wah Ming) (Circular)] to Platform C3 in Wah Ming Interchange and walk to Platform C7 at the back for Route 277X [Fanling (Luen Wo Hui) ⇋ Lam Tin Station] to Kwun Tong.

Passengers in the North district may enjoy an interchange concession, equivalent to a free trip of either Route 70K [Fanling (Wah Ming) – Sheung Shui (Ching Ho) (Circular)], Route 273A or Route 273D [Sheung Shui – Fanling (Wah Ming) (Circular)] by taking these three routes to Wah Ming Interchange first and interchange to designated KMB routes or vice versa. A $4.2 interchange offer is also available to passengers of Route 78 [Sha Tau Kok → Fanling Station (Fung Ying Seen Koon)] interchanging to designated KMB routes.


KMB network in Wah Ming



Interchange Locations

Total fare for both legs

(interchanging from Routes  70K, 273A or 273D)

Tsui Lai Garden, Tin Ping Estate, Luen Wo Hui



Not applicable

Choi Yuen Estate/Sheung Shui, Ching Ho Estate, Pak Wo Road




Tai Po




Sha Tin



Yau Ma Tei, Jordan,
Tsim Sha Tsui




Sham Shui Po, Mong Kok,
Tai Kok Tsui


Tsuen Wan




Kowloon Bay, Kwun Tong




Other than signage installation, route information of the interchanges will also be shown on the mobile app, App1933. Passengers will be able to check KMB’s extensive route network simply by using mobile phone. Together with the Nearby Bus Routes function, one can also check the estimated arrival time of the interchangeable routes at the interchange, offering a more convenient way when planning their trips.

More bus-bus interchanges will also be renovated gradually by adding clear signages to allow passengers to find their way to the interchanging routes easily and travel to their destinations. KMB is also setting up more interchanges in various districts to encourage passengers to utilise our extensive bus network and offer more valued and convenient options for a more flexible travel plan.

Passengers may call the KMB Customer Service Hotline on 2745-4466 or visit KMB website or App1933 for more details.


Photo captions

Po Tin Interchange and Wah Ming Interchange are the first two bus-bus interchanges renovated.

Large network maps are available in Wah Ming Interchange to provide details of routes observing the Interchange and other connecting interchanges.

Route information of each interchange will also be added to KMB mobile app, App1933. Passengers can check KMB’s extensive route network simply by using mobile phones.