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KMB and LWB to offer free rides for Disabled on International Day of Persons with Disabilities Be rest assured with Boarding and Alighting Reminder functions on App1933

To support the International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2022, KMB and LWB will offer free rides to people with disabilities and one accompanying carer (excluding Routes P960 and P968) on 13 November 2022 (Sunday).

Eligible passengers are required to show the ”Registration Card for People with Disabilities” or tap their personalised Octopus card for ”Persons with Disabilities”. The amount deducted for such Octopus transactions will be set at $0 on that day. One accompanying carer will be offered free rides as well.

KMB and LWB are dedicated to creating an inclusive traveling environment for the disabled. The smartphone application, App1933, has both Boarding and Alighting Reminder functions which passengers can set reminders for boarding and alighting simply by tapping the Reminder button at the bottom of the front page on App1933. For a boarding reminder, passengers can preset the route, bus stop and boarding time in App1933. The application will then send push notifications to remind the user when to board the bus. It will also show the estimated time of arrival of the selected route. For an alighting reminder, simply set the alighting bus stop on App1933, and the application will send push notifications starting from two stops before the selected stop. The functions in App1933 can take good care of the disabled, allowing them to travel easily with KMB and LWB.

In addition, KMB has installed foldable armrests in wheelchair areas on some buses to further enhance passenger safety. The armrests help provide extra protection for passengers with disabilities on top of the safety belt. The bus fleets of KMB and LWB are equipped with various accessible facilities, including a super-low floor, a ramp, wide entrance and exit doors, non-slip flooring and a wheelchair space. Some buses provide two parking positions for wheelchairs. They are mainly deployed on routes travelling via hospitals, and stickers showing ”Double Wheelchair Parking Space” are displayed on the windshield. Inside the compartment, we have the Bus Stop Indicator and Bus Stop Announcement System to remind passengers of bus stop information by voice-over and text.

Passengers may call the KMB Customer Service Hotline on 2745-4466, Long Win Customer Service Hotline on 2261-2791, or visit KMB and LWB website or App1933 for more details.


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Smartphone application App1933 offers both Boarding and Alighting Reminder functions, which carers can preset the reminder for boarding and alighting on their phones of disabled. The application will send push notifications of boarding and alighting reminders accordingly.

On some buses with double parking spaces, a sticker will be displayed on the front of a bus. KMB has also installed foldable wheelchair armrests on some buses to further enhance passenger safety.

Through the App1933, passengers may check if there are two parking spaces on the next trip. If yes, two wheelchairs sign will be shown next to the departure time/arrival time.