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KMB organised bus drawing competition to connect Queen’s Hill with art Top three artworks printed on buses Students hope to promote Queen’s Hill

 The Kowloon Motor Bus Co. (1933) Ltd. (“KMB”) organised the “Queen’s Hill Bus Drawing Competition” earlier. Students of primary schools in North District were invited to express their ideas about Queen’s Hill. The competition can encourage students and the public to comprehend the New Development Area in North District, promote social participation, and bring art and culture into community as the entries are painted on buses that serving North District.

“Queen’s Hill Bus Drawing Competition” results announced

“Queen’s Hill Bus Drawing Competition” that was held from mid-August till the end of September received an overwhelming response. Winners were decided by a panel of judges comprising members of KMB’s management. Judging criteria includes ideas related to the theme, design concept, aesthetic and originality. Here are the winners:





Chu Ngai Man

HHCKLA Buddhist Wisdom Primary School

1st Runner-up

Yu Hoi Ching

Pentecostal Yu Leung Fat Primary School

2nd Runner-up

So Yu Tsin

Pentecostal Yu Leung Fat Primary School


Lee Shun Hei

Pentecostal Yu Leung Fat Primary School


Lam Ngo Tin

Pentecostal Yu Leung Fat Primary School


Chan Yan Po

Pentecostal Yu Leung Fat Primary School


Chan Yan Chit

Pentecostal Yu Leung Fat Primary School


Tam Huan Lam

FSFTF Fong Shu Chuen Primary School


Drawing competition on the theme of Queen’s Hill
Students’ artworks to be printed on buses running around the community

Along with Hong Kong development, KMB introduces new routes to expand its bus service network to the new development area. The drawing competition encouraged students to discover special features and interesting stories of Queen’s Hill and put them in their creation.

Top three students’ artworks are printed on bus liveries and all entries received will also be displayed on designated buses’ ceilings as a movable art gallery, for a term of 1 year, students’ creativity could be shown to the community where the students belong. Passengers can enjoy the artworks designed by students while commuting as well.

Mr Andrew Kwan, Operations Director of KMB, said that KMB buses bought passengers to their destinations every day, becoming an integral part of citizens and cityscape. He also said that letting student unleash their creativity through designing a bus helped build up their sense of belonging to the community and allowed passengers to appreciate Queen’s Hill through children’s eyes, enriching their bus journey with art.

Students from Queen’s Hill won Inspired by her own community

Chu Ngai Man, Champion of the competition, happily presented her artwork that she had included her family members and buildings in Queen’s Hill that her mother introduced. Liu Siu Ling, Principal of HHCKLA Buddhist Wisdom Primary School, appreciated KMB for organising the event and bringing the student’s art outside the school. She said linking art with living and promoting the spirit of caring for the community were the key to building positive values.

Student Yu Hoi Ching, the first runner-up, said that as she was living around Queen’s Hill and usually spent leisure time nearby, she was inspired by the environment and daily lives of residents in Queen’s Hill to create the art piece. She stated that she loved painting and putting individuals and scenery with different angles in her work. She would continue to create artworks and share her inside world through her creations. She was grateful that KMB allowed her to reveal the view of the community through painting.

The second runner-up, So Yu Tsin was excited about the theme Queen’s Hill of the competition as she had built a sense of belonging to the community since she moved there a half year ago. Her creative ideas came from the scenery of Queen’s Hill, including the conserved trees and other advanced facilities like playgrounds. She felt excited about her artwork printing on the bus serving the North District. Sit Wing Sze, Principal of Pentecostal Yu Leung Fat Primary School, said that the competition allowed students to reveal their unlimited creativity in the art field and enhance their knowledge of the community. The competition also helped to build the community with harmony and art by running the printed bus, and showing the artwork to the residents.

Route 78A connects Queen’s Hill and North District

In order to connect communities, KMB is dedicated to providing new residential areas with flexible, favourable and convenient bus services. Since Jan of 2022, Routes 78A, 278A and N78 have departed from Queen’s Hill Bus Terminus. Several fare concessions have been implemented for passengers from Queen’s Hill, allowing residents to travel to different areas conveniently. To facilitate passengers’ need, KMB has further enhanced bus services in Queen’s Hill with extending service hours, introducing a $1 Bus-Rail Interchange concession on Route 78A and commencing an all-new Route 78B, which provides express service from Queen’s Hill to Sheung Shui.

Route 78A provides multiple interchange options and broader coverage

Route 78A provides an all-day service that passengers can transfer to Kowloon and the New Territories via Fanling Station Interchange on 27 KMB routes and enjoy a maximum $5.6 interchange discount, while passengers of Route 78B can transfer to other districts via Fanling Station Interchange on 27 KMB routes and enjoy a maximum $6.2 interchange discount. KMB has also numbered the bus stop platform at Fanling Station Interchange, making it easier for passengers to choose bus routes at appropriate bus stop locations.

Connect to Fanling Highway Interchange and Shing Mun Tunnels Bus Interchange for more accessible travel

Route 278A travels via Fanling Highway Interchange, where passengers can interchange with other KMB routes to Yau Tsim Mong, East Kowloon, and Hong Kong Island. They could enjoy a free transfer or top-up discount when interchanging to different routes, saving up to $13.7. Route 278A also passes through Shing Mun Tunnels Bus Interchange, where passengers can transfer to other KMB routes to Mei Foo, Kwai Chung, and Tsing Yi.

Please refer to theannex for details.

Fare concessions for passengers from Queen’s Hill

KMB provides fare concessions for passengers from Queen’s Hill, including a KMB Fare Saver located at Shan Lai Court Bus Stop, where passengers can enjoy a $1 fare discount when they ride on KMB buses by tapping an adult or student Octopus card on it. KMB is planning to set up more Fare Savers in the area, hoping to benefit more residents of Queen's Hill.

Also, Routes 78A, 78B and 278A provide Octopus Interchange Discount with LWB 13 “A” Routes with the maximum $6 interchange discount on bus fares. LWB 13 “A” Routes include A31, A32, A33, A33X, A34, A36, A37, A38, A41, A41P, A43, A43P and A47X.




The “Queen’s Hill bus drawing competition” has come to an end. Top three students’ artworks are printed on bus bodies.


To bring art and culture into the community, all entries are painted on Buses that serve multiple routes in North District.


KMB drove buses with students’ artworks to schools that participated in the competition to hold award ceremonies. Students were excited when they visited the buses.


Mr Andrew Kwan (Left), Operations Director of KMB, said that the competition unleashed students’ creativity and allowed passengers to appreciate Queen’s Hill through children’s eyes.


(From top to bottom) The winners of the competition were Chu Ngan Man (First Place), Yu Hoi Ching (Second Place) and So Yu Chin (Third Place).


5 students received the  Certificate of Merit.


Route 78A provides an all-day feeder service between Queen’s Hill and Fanling Station.


Passengers may call the KMB Customer Service Hotline on 2745-4466 or visit KMB website or App1933 for more details.