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“Recollecting your memories in Hong Kong” by riding with KMB

The Kowloon Motor Bus Co. (1933) Ltd. (“KMB”) presents an all-new event, “Recollecting your memories in Hong Kong”  this winter. Participants can visit a total of 10 places representing Hong Kong and reminisce about the good old days with their friends and relatives or even create new memories together, drawing 2022 to a perfect end.

There are lots of places of interest in Hong Kong and each brings different memories to you – some are happy, some are sad, some are memorable, some are touching… And these are the memories that create our unique sense of belonging to Hong Kong. From 26 November, 2022 (Saturday) to 2 January, 2023, KMB’s “Recollecting your memories in Hong Kong” will place stamps with patterns representing the characteristics of its location at ten different bus stops, which participants can stamp on a beautiful-designed postcard. The picture on the postcard will be completed when all stamps are collected, and that’s the time to write down genuine messages to friends and relatives on the other side of the world or yourself to end the year of 2022 with love and thoughts and embrace another year.

10 selected locations of KMB’s “Recollecting your memories in Hong Kong”:

Stamp location and introduction

Date and Time

Recommended KMB and LWB routes

Terminus supervisor room, Yuen Long West Bus Terminus


Sweetheart cake (or wife cake) is one of the signature traditional snacks in Hong Kong and Yuen Long is the most famous place to buy it. Various street-food can also be found in Yau San Street, Yuen Long


Every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays from 26 November, 2022 to 2 January, 2023

07:00 – 23:00

54, 64K, 68M, 968


Nearby routes

Yuen Long Plaza bus stop

68A, 264R, 276, 276P, A36, E36

Yuen Long Police Station bus stop

68X, 264R, 268B, 268C, 268X, 269D

Hi Lee Path, Yuen Long bus stop

53, 269D

Hong Lok Road, Yuen Long bus stop

276, 276P


Terminus supervisor room, Shui Chuen O Bus Terminus


The term “Lion Rock Spirit” refers to the characteristics of solidarity and perseverance of Hong Kong people. Shui Chuen O is one of the entrances to the hiking trail to Lion Rock. You can gaze afar the view of both Kowloon and the New Territories on the peak and see the prosperity of Hong Kong.


Every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays from 26 November, 2022 to 2 January, 2023

07:00 – 23:00

47A, 83X, 287X, 288

Terminus supervisor room, Tai Mei Tuk Bus Terminus


Tai Mei Tuk has every facility needed for families to picnic in autumn, including barbecue sites, hiking trails, cycling paths and picnic sites, making it a must-go place in the fall.


26-27 November, 2022,

24-27, 31 December, 2022,

1-2 January, 2023

10:00 – 18:00

75K, 275R

Hoi Mei Beach bus stop


Located right next to Ting Kau Bridge, Hoi Mei Beach offers a great scenic view of Tsing Ma Bridge, one of the landmarks of Hong Kong. The Homi Villa next to the beach has been renovated into the Airport Core Programme Exhibition Centre that shows the history of ten core projects of the programme.


26-27 November, 2022,

24-27, 31 December, 2022,

1-2 January, 2023

10:00 – 18:00

53, 234B, A38

Terminus supervisor room, Wong Tai Sin Bus Terminus


The Wong Tai Sin Temple is always packed with worshippers waiting to make their first incense offering on Lunar New Year. The temple is also popular for them to pray and ask for blessings.


Every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays from 26 November, 2022 to 2 January, 2023

07:00 – 23:00

2D, 9, 11, 82X, 85M, 106


Nearby routes

Sha Tin Pass Road bus stop

2F, 3C, 33B, 38, 40, 40P, 42C, 61X, 62X, 74A, 75X, 80, 84M, 89, 89B, 214, 258D, 259D, 268C, 269C, 290, 290A, 290X


Wong Tai Sin Fire Station bus stop

11C, 211

Wong Shek Pier Bus Terminus bus stop


Sai Kung is praised as the “Back Garden of Hong Kong”. Located in Sai Kung North, Wong Shek Pier is like back garden entrance where barbecue, camping and hiking lovers will have to pass through here before heading to their destinations. Ferry routes for hiking hotspots connect Wong Shek Pier also. The Water Sports Centre right next to the pier offers rental services of canoes, sails and sailboards. Wong Shek Pier is always packed with people at weekends.


10-11, 24-27, 31 December, 2022,

1-2 January, 2023

10:00 – 18:00

94, 96R, 289R

Hong Kong Palace Museum bus stop


There are two museums in West Kowloon Cultural District – M+ and the Hong Kong Palace Museum. M+ is the first visual culture museum in Asia. They have organised the first online interactive exhibition on neon signs in Hong Kong, a unique feature in the city. The Hong Kong Palace Museum currently presents over 900 priceless treasures from the Palace Museum, promoting the long history of arts in Chinese culture.


3-4, 24-27, 31 December, 2022,

1-2 January, 2023

10:00 – 18:00



Nearby routes

Western Harbour Crossing bus stop

934, 936, 960, 961, 968, 978, P960, P968


Nga Cheung Road
(Western Harbour Crossing) bus stop
8, 11, 95, 203E, 280X


Kowloon Station Bus Terminus

215X, 281A

Terminus supervisor room, Star Ferry Bus Terminus


The amazing night view of Victoria Harbour automatically comes to your mind when speaking of Hong Kong. The promenade next to the Star Ferry Pier in Tsim Sha Shui is definitely the best place to enjoy the scenic view.


Every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays from 26 November, 2022 to 2 January, 2023

07:00 – 23:00

1, 1A, 2, 5, 5A, 5C, 6, 7, 8, 8A, 8P, 28, 92R


Nearby routes

Silvercord bus stop

12, 203C, 260X, 269B


Kowloon Park Drive bus stop

215X, 271, 281A, 296D

Terminus supervisor room, Sai Kung Bus Terminus


Other than the “Back Garden of Hong Kong”, the seafood in Sai Kung is another thing that makes the place well-known to the public. You can always find sampans next to Sai Kung Pier that sell fresh seafood that visitors can negotiate a favourable price with the sellers and take the seafood to nearby restaurants, which will help cook it for you to enjoy.


Every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays from 26 November, 2022 to 2 January, 2023

07:00 – 23:00

92, 92R, 94, 96R, 99, 99R, 299X

Terminus supervisor room, Airport (Ground Transportation Centre) Bus Terminus

*location for the 10th stamp*


Commenced in 1998, the Hong Kong International Airport has won over 80 “World’s Best Airport” awards with over 70 million passengers handled and 4.8 million tons of cargo and airmail moved in 2019. The number of passengers and aircargo throughput were the top ten in  the world prior to the pandemic.

Every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays from 12 December, 2022 to 2 January, 2023

07:00 – 23:00

A31, A32, A33, A33X, A34, A36, A37, A38, A41, A41P, A43, A43P, A47X, E33, E33P, E36, E37, E42


Nearby routes

Terminal 1, Cheong Tat Road bus stop

E32, S64, S64X, S65


Terminal 1 bus stop


Collect all nine stamps to get the final one at Airport Bus Terminus

Passengers can visit the locations listed above (except Airport (Ground Transportation Centre) Bus Terminus) within the time and date of the event to get a postcard and stamp the pattern on it. There are a total number of nine stamps on the front side of the postcards that are located in the first nine locations on the list. KMB staff will offer assistance on site. Participants can head for the last spot – Airport (Ground Transportation Centre) Bus Terminus – for the last stamp after collecting all nine others to complete both sides of the postcard. They can then write down the message on the card and mail it to the intended recipient, sharing the collective memories with them or yourself and reminiscing the good old days wherever you and your friends are, whenever you and your friends look at the postcard. Postcards are available while stock lasts.

Passengers may call the KMB Customer Service Hotline on 2745-4466 or visit KMB website or App1933 for more details.

Photo captions


There are drawings of collective memories of Hong Kong people on the front of the postcard. It will become complete when all nine stamps are collected. Participants can then proceed to the final checkpoint – Airport (Ground Transportation Centre) Bus Terminus for the last stamp and write the message to the intended recipient at the back before sending your thoughts and memories out.


KMB’s “Recollecting your memories in Hong Kong” features ten different checkpoints representing Hong Kong. They have various opening hours that has been listed on the poster. Be sure to check it out before arranging your adventure.


Other than hiking paths, the “Seafood Street” is also one of the hotspots in Sai Kung.


Wong Tai Sin Temple is one of the popular temples for Hong Kong people. Worshippers will visit it regularly for blessings.


Star Ferry Bus Terminus is located right next to the promenade of Victoria Harbour. A view of skyscrapers is available during daytime, and glamourous lights at night, offering a different view to visitors.