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KMB Fare Saver is ready at Queen's Hill Bus Terminus

From 8 January 2023 (Sunday), a KMB Fare Saver kiosk will be installed at Queen's Hill Bus Terminus. The KMB Fare Saver Scheme covers the entire Queen's Hill network, along with the existing Fare Saver kiosk at Shan Lai Court, allowing residents to enjoy KMB bus services at discounted fares. Passengers with Adult or Student Octopus cards can enjoy a $1 fare discount when they ride on KMB buses by tapping the card at the Fare Saver kiosks.

Besides the KMB Fare Saver Scheme, some Queen's Hill bus routes also provide interchange concessions, including the interchange between Routes 78A and 78B  and other 27 KMB routes via Fanling Station Bus-bus Interchange (BBI). Passengers who take Route 278A can interchange with other KMB routes to Yau Tsim Mong, East Kowloon, and Hong Kong Island through Fanling Highway BBI or to Mei Foo, Kwai Chung, and Tsing Yi at Shing Mun Tunnels BBI.

KMB also collaborates with MTRC to provide interchange concessions. Passengers with Octopus cards taking Route 78A [Queen's Hill – Fanling Station (Circular)] and entering the gate at MTR Fanling Station within 90 minutes, or taking Route 78A within 90 minutes after departing from MTR Fanling Station, may enjoy a $1 discount on their second trip.

In other words, passengers can save up to $3 by first departing from Queen's Hill or Shan Lai Court, tapping their Octopus cards at the Fare Saver kiosks , and using the same card travelling on Route 78A to enjoy a $1 discount. Then, they can enjoy the $1 Bus-Rail Interchange concession when entering MTR Fanling Station. When passengers exit from MTR Fanling Station and interchange to Route 78A departing for Queen's Hill area on the return trip, they can enjoy another $1 fare reduction.

KMB Fare Saver kiosk


Fare Discount

Queen's Hill Bus Terminus, Fanling (New)

Entrance of Queen's Hill Public Transport Terminus (next to a Street Posting Box)


Shan Lai Court, Fanling

Shan Lai Court Bus Stop, near Terminus Supervisor Office


Ocean PopWalk, Tsueng Kwan O

Near Shop no. 106, 1/F


YM2 (Yue Man Square), Kwun Tong

Shop no. 115, 1/F, KMB Customer Service Centre


Manhattan Mid Town, Mei Foo

Near Shop no. 101B, 1/F


Kowloon Masjid and Islamic Centre

Ground Floor


United Court, Yuen Long

Outside a convenience store, Ground Floor


Wetland Seasons Bay, Tin Shui Wai

Side door, Ground Floor (near Hong Kong Wetland Park Bus Stop)


Wetland Seasons Park, Tin Shui Wai

Main Lobby, Ground Floor


To enjoy the above discount, passengers must use the same Octopus card on the same business day, starting at 4:45:00 a.m. on any day and ending at 4:44:59 a.m. on the subsequent day. The discount applies to all KMB routes except Routes K12, K14, K17 and K18.

The service of KMB Fare Savers may be affected by the management arrangement of the relevant place.

Queen's Hill Routes provide convenient and comfortable bus services to the residents

To cater to the travelling needs of Queen's Hill and Shan Lai Court residents, KMB actively allocates resources to Routes 78A [Queen's Hill – Fanling Station (Circular)], 78B [Queen's Hill Sheung Shui (Choi Yuen)] and 278A [ Queen's Hill Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower)], and enhances its services to facilitate the commuting of Queen's Hill residents.

Details are as follows:



Service Hours

Queen's Hill – Fanling Station (Circular)]



Special Departure
from Queen's Hill

(omit Shan Lai Court)

Mondays – Fridays (except Public Holidays)

Special Departure
from Shan Lai Court
(to Fanling Town Centre)

Mondays – Fridays (except Public Holidays)

Special Departure
from Fanling Town Centre
(to Queen's Hill and Shan Lai Court)

Mondays – Fridays (except Public Holidays)

Queen's Hill Sheung Shui (Choi Yuen)]

From Queen's Hill

Mondays – Fridays (except Public Holidays)
0650, 0705, 0725

Queen's Hill Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower)]

From Queen's Hill

Mondays – Fridays (except Public Holidays)
0530-1300, 1700-1830

Saturdays (except Public Holidays)

Sundays and Public Holidays

From Tsuen Wan

Mondays – Fridays (except Public Holidays)
0710-0740, 1505-2310

Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays

[Sheung Shui 
 Sha Tau Kok]

From Sheung Shui

0110, 0150

From Sha Tau Kok

0410, 0445

Passengers may call the KMB Customer Service Hotline on 2745-4466 or visit KMB website or App1933 for more details.